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“Melanie is my answer to any joint pain I have had….”

Melanie is my answer to any joint pain I have had, knees, legs, and wrists. She also has helped me with my Dry-Eye problem.

Melanie gets to know you, your life-style and nutrition. She gathers your medical history all before beginning the magic of her expertise.

Her needles gently penetrate your skin heading directly to your pain points

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“…find some calmness….”

Before Melanie, I had only had acupuncture once and I wasn’t too likely to go back. But after having some stress and pain, I decided to go see Melanie for some relief. She spent about 45 minutes with me just going over my health history so she could totally understand what my issues were and how to combat them. She

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Highly recommended

Melanie is thoughtful, effective and caring. She says that she’s passionate about your health and well-being and she really does mean it. I quite liked that Melanie has a Western background (she’s as a registered nurse) while also being able to explain all of the non-Western components of acupuncture. Her new office is well located and very pleasant. Highly recommended.

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Acupuncture treatments to strengthen my immune system

I have been a patient of Melanie Severo for more than two years. Three years ago, I became very concerned that I had had four bouts of bronchitis over a relatively brief period. Since I was already engaged in care provided through traditional Western medicine and was diligently following my pulmonologist’s recommendations, acupuncture seemed to be a sensible complement. Thus

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