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What to Expect – Acupuncture Intake

Acupuncture essex junction vt initial meeting 2

Our initial time together lasts about 90 minutes and includes a full health history and a full treatment. We spend a fair amount of time discussing signs and symptoms that present in each of your organ systems as they are defined in acupuncture theory, but because I am also a registered nurse, I will often ask about experiences and treatments you have been receiving from your western providers.

The holistic nature of acupuncture and my approach to health care means that I am also interested in lifestyle factors that may be contributing to your current health status, so I ask about nutrition, sleep, and your day-to-day activities including exercise, movement, hobbies and occupation. I hope you will feel comfortable sharing as much as possible because all of the information you provide helps me to formulate a comprehensive acupuncture treatment. Everything spoken in the treatment room is taken in the highest confidentiality. 

My assessment includes a reading of your pulses as they are interpreted in acupuncture theory. If you are experiencing physical pain, the areas that are affected are palpated so that I can get a feel for the underlying tissue that needs attention. In the case of treatments for trauma, anxiety and depression, know that you can share as little or as much as you wish.

My goal is to partner with you to maximize the healing capacity of your body, mind and spirit. You can reach out to me to ask questions or express concerns at any time. 

Please reach out to me if you have any concerns or questions about our services around Acupuncture in Essex Junction, VT. I’m here to help!

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